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About us

Our Objectives

Advocating at the international level for the reinforcement or introduction of specific policy measures to protect Dom refugees and related minorities in conflict, in line with relevant international conventions and standards; contributing to preventing human rights violations (including arbitrary detention, denial of access to justice and refoulement) against Dom and other related minorities from Middle East.

Reinforcing the capacity of Dom people and members of other related minorities to face violations and seek justice, thereby also reducing their isolation.

Supporting children and protecting their rights and particularly the right to education.




Editor of the Middle East Gypsies website:

Kemal Vural Tarlan – Researcher – Documentary Photographer

Since 2000, Kemal Vural Tarlan has been conducting visual sociology and anthropology research among Dom Communities living in the Middle East. His studies, articles and photos were featured in numerous international symposia, congresses, exhibitions and other events. He has written penned articles on the rights of refugees from the Middle East and worked as an activist.  He holds an international press card and is a member of the European Sociological Association. He has been living in Gaziantep and managing Kırkayak Kültür and  Middle East Social and Cultural Researh Center incorporated in the “Kırkayak Kültür” He has been conducting study on Syrian refugees since 6 years.

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